Completely new approach to LED lighting


Completely new approach to LED lighting


SoftPanels are a completely new approach to LED lighting. Designed by the recognized experts and inventors of LED lighting for film/video/tv. With over thirty years’ experience of engineering and building lighting fixtures for the industry, the innovation continues with SoftPanels. With a built-in color meter and intelligent color management technology in every light, SoftPanels provide unprecedented color precision and smart control over the emitted light.

• Patented Autocolor technology matches the SoftPanels light output to match the ambient scene. Just push the button, the light does the rest!
• Precision dial-in, color meter managed light output; Set anywhere from 2700deg. K to 7200deg. K accurately. Color accuracy guaranteed
• “Skin Tone Enhance”; At the push of the “Skin” button, the light’s output “warms-up” giving a more pleasing appearance to skin tone
• Hi-fidelity, HD friendly light output. Full spectrum with extended coverage giving better color rendition and skin tones
• Save time in post production with SoftPanels color managed units
• Slimline design; ” fit anywhere” – just 5″ deep
• Both units run on AC mains or can be operated with High Current V-Lock video batteries
• DMX connectible
• Each light comes with honeycomb light-grid, filter holder and soft case

Precise Manual Control
SoftPanels have a built in color meter in every fixture. Each SoftPanels undergoes a twohour calibration process in the factory. Our technicians work to tolerances of +\- 80deg. K ensuring that the displayed color temperature matches the actual light output. Many LED lights do not match their color preset buttons and they are often off by more than 1000deg. K. This precision and attention to detail that SoftPanels set as standard is unmatched in the industry.

Utilizing the integrated digital color meter, along with unique proprietary Autocolor matching technology, these innovative fixtures can instantly read the current ambient color conditions and then exactly color-balance their LED color output to match that of the scene’s ambient conditions. With this new level of control, you can color-match other lights, as well as ambient conditions, thereby enjoying far more color consistency in a variety of studio and location applications and saving time correcting in post production.

Skin Tone Enhance
With the provided Skin Tone Enhance feature you can improve skin tones with a push of a button. The “Skin” button gives a warmer and more cinematic feel to the subject, substantially decreasing the time required to do primary color corrections in post production. Importantly, often LED lighting produces unhealthy looking skin tone. SoftPanels new Skin Tone Enhance feature solves this.

SoftPanels 1’x2′ fixtures can be operated using V-Lock mount batteries. The batteries need to be a high current model and must give a continuous amperage of >10A . Anything less will not power the lights.